Holländska premiärministern ljuger om sina kontakter med globalist-eliten

Van Meijeren:

…more and more people are seeing that it is a big lie. The current corona measures are meant to protect public health. But this begs the question: why all these awful measures that change our entire way of life, destroy our entire society.

Now there are a couple of influential globalists that, according to their own words, view the corona crisis as a huge opportunity to ‘Reset’ our world. Which means they have a perverse incentive to make this last longer. And one of these globalists is Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

And he’s also written a book with the catchy title Covid 19: The Great Reset.

And my question to the Prime Minister is: how does he judge the contents of this book?

Mark Rutte:

I don’t know this book, Madam Chairwoman. But I’d like to advise Mr Van Meijeren to not go to much into all those conspiracy theories. I watch them now on YouTube and I think it’s fascinating how they explain 9/11 didn’t happen. Or that it’s all very different. All put together very nicely. But usually it is what it is, a conspiracy theory.

Van Meijeren:

It’s surprising to me that the first question I ask Mr Rutte since I’ve been instated [as an MP] –


For which, congratulations

Van Meijeren:

Thank you. But it surprises me that the first question is answered with a lie. Because I am holding a letter here, dated 26th November 2020 and this letter is from Mr Rutte to Mr Klaus Schwab, in which he thanks him for sending the book and calls it a helpful analysis for a better future.

Would Mr Rutte like to rummage through his memories? It’s not half a year ago. I don’t know how long memories stay active. But it’s probably still possible to dig this up and then to answer my first question again, this time honestly please.


Well the honest answer is that this is a nice letter… although you can’t read every book cover to cover, like to make a kind reply to the sender.

Van Meijeren:

Well then the Prime Minister is saying he didn’t lie to me, but he did to Mr Schwab.

Annie Lööf har sålt smöret och tappat pengarna

Exakt, man kan bara förhandla med kraft så länge man upplevs tillhöra oppositionen eller har ett alternativ att förhandla med. Lööf har inget alternativ till S och V och Mp, eftersom hon vägrar förhandla med den borgerliga sidan. Och detta vet nu vänstersidan, varför de i stort sett kan strunta i C under budgetförhandlingarna. C har alltså blivit ett stödparti åt S, utan motkrav!

Men nu återstår att se om högerblocket kan förhandla fram en gemensam budget att lägga fram i riksdagen, för då kommer den att bli antagen, under förutsättning att C röstar på sitt eget förslag och inte det som S kommer förhandla fram med V och Mp.