Traditionella kristna kyrkor växer, liberala och progressiva krymper

En ny studie i USA bevisar nu det många har hävdat länge; att kyrkans kris är sammankopplad med att de ha övergivit sin egen tro. Först liberal och sedan progressiv teologi har mer eller mindre tagit över världens etablerade kristendom, särskilt i Europa. USA är delat, men har fortfarande stora bibeltroende, bekännande kyrkor. Det är dessa som är livskraftiga och ökar!

Researchers attended services at all 22 churches, after which they asked congregants to complete a 40-question survey, Haskell said. They also interviewed all clergy and a number of congregants who had completed the survey.

In those interviews, most clergy and the congregants of the declining churches blamed changes in society for a drop in demand for religion.

But, comparing the religious beliefs and practices of both the declining and growing churches, Haskell said more clergy and congregants of the growing churches held firmly to “traditional” Christian beliefs and were more diligent in practices such as prayer and Bible reading. That includes a more literal interpretation of the Bible and greater openness to the idea that God intervenes in the world, he said.

For example, 93 percent of growing-church pastors said they agreed with the statement “Jesus rose from the dead with a real, flesh-and-blood body leaving behind an empty tomb,” compared with 56 percent of declining-church pastors, according to the summary.

And 71 percent of pastors at growing churches said they read their Bibles daily, compared with 19 percent of pastors at declining churches.