Emmanuel Macrons partinamn är en fransk översättning av George Soros ”Move On”

His campaign slogan is ‘En Marche‘, which when translated to English means ‘Move On’. Just like the name of the Soros-sponsored moveon.org. Hmmm. His campaign received huge financial assistance from globalist George Soros. Hmmm again. New French president Emmanuel Macron was trained in the Jesuit school system. Hmmm again. Google and Facebook used Soros-funded groups to “help the French electorate make sense of what and who to trust” before casting their votes. That’s my final “hmmm”, and you wonder how Macron won in a landslide? Hmmm.


Mejl-läckan avslöjar Macrons hemliga plan att islamisera Frankrike

Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of emails and documents were released about the left-wing candidate Emmanuel Macron. The MacronLeaks contain secret proposals that would lead to the Islamization of France and Europe, prepared by the IM [Institut Montaigne] and Hakim El Karoui.