Karl Barth var en hängiven socialist

Grundaren av den neo-ortodoxa teologin, som har haft ett avgörande inflytande på kristna teologers tänkande de senaste hundra åren, var inte bara spritt språngande socialist, han förnekar den grundläggande kristna läran. För honom var man ”kristen” om man var socialist, oavsett om man trodde på Jesus, och man var inte ”kristen” även om man trodde på Jesus, om man inte var socialist!

In the first edition of his commentary on Romans, written during World War I, he declared that a time will come “when the now dying embers of Marxist dogma will flare up anew as world truth, when the socialist church will rise from the dead in a world become socialist.” In “Jesus Christ and the Movement for Social Justice,” an essay Barth published in 1911, he explained the relationship between Jesus and socialism:

If you understand the connection between the person of Jesus and your socialist convictions, and if you now want to arrange your life so that it corresponds to this connection, then that does not at all mean you have to “believe” or accept this, that, or the other thing. What Jesus has to bring us are not ideas, but a way of life. One can have Christian ideas about God and the world and about human redemption, and still with all that be a complete heathen. And as an atheist, a materialist, and a Darwinist, one can be a genuine follower and disciple of Jesus. Jesus is not the Christian world view and the Christian world view is not Jesus.



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