Dr. Drew vägrar kommentera Hillarys hälsa mera, rädd för konsekvenserna

Det är hans kollega inom radion Carolla, som kommer med de sensationella uttalandena. (Kontentan är att om du går emot ”new world order” så får du inget jobb inom media.)


”Here’s the New World Order — it may exist, it may not exist — but whether it actually exists or doesn’t exist in Drew’s mind he cannot come on this podcast and speak about Hillary Clinton even in a hypothetical way,” Carolla said on Monday’s edition of The Adam Carolla Show. ”I said I knew he was going to be a puss. I said just come on and talk about pneumonia, just talk about pneumonia and then we’ll do the Hillary Clinton math. No. Got a couple of deals brewing and he does not want to risk those deals.”

”I’m not here to tell you what is and isn’t,” Carolla told his listeners. ”I’m here to tell you that there is a perception from Dr. Drew, who has lived in this town and worked in this town for 30-some odd years, that he can not [talk about it].

”Now he can come on and tell you that Donald Trump had a baby’s arm growing out of his asshole, no problemo, and he would not have difficulty, potentially, finding work. But in his mind, with a couple of these deals pending, not a good idea as a physician to speak about one of the candidates who probably will become president and her medical condition the day after a huge story. Not going to risk it,” he said.


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