Påven kastar sten mot Trump i glashus

Never mind the monstrous hypocrisy of this pope condemning an American politician for planning to build a wall to stop the steady stream of illegal immigration from Mexico. And let’s not forget the illegals from all the other Central and South American countries that Mexico refuses to allow to stay in their country.

America gets them all. And, for some reason, they’re not just passing through on their way to Canada.

They certainly are not headed for the Vatican, either. If they are, they will be greeted by the most inhospitable scene. Walls so high you could not chuck a rock over them. Armed guards dressed in such bright colors and ridiculous uniforms you will run to hide your eyes.

Don’t even ask about immigrating to the Vatican legally. They have the strictest anti-immigration laws anywhere in the world. You are pretty much automatically turned away if, for instance, you were born with the preexisting condition of being a woman.



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